Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I am absolutely not getting a cold. The sneezing means nothing.

I'm feeling better about things. Not that I felt bad before, just rather... overwhelmed. I think it has something to do with not having people over every night this week. I love having people over, but its been making me... slack. I may actually be getting a cold, but we shan't speak of such things. You all know I never get sick... Anyways, it is rather amazing the amount of work you can get done when you're not socializing. Fancy that. This is really just a quick update, I want to do some bio reading before bed, and Magda and I are going to try and get up early enough to grab breakfast. We'll see how that goes. So here's a quick list of things I've done since last update:

1. Made the Equestrain team. Wooo!

2. Gone to a billion Equestrian meetings. Boooo.

3. Went to Mega Fair and signed up for several clubs

4. Decided that Pistol Club is definitely a club I will be pursuing.

5. Signed up for Quiddich, I'm going to a meeting tomorrow and open practice Thursday, they have the COOLEST jerseys I have ever seen in my life.

6. Signed up to volunteer and help the elderly paint. I mean, I served them food over the summer so it can't be too different, right? Haha

7. Did my Classics presentation. Already. I was the second to go. Other people get to go in several months. Argh. Oh well, I felt very very good about it, and it was the first presentation I actually have ever felt comfortable giving. Yay public speaking!

8. Did laundry. And cleaned my room. A billion times. And it still looks messy! Ahhh!

9. Taken up jogging again. It's really going to be an as-time-permits kinda thing. Right now that means I jog at 10 pm. Which is actually nice for me.

10. DIED OF HEAT STROKE. OVER AND OVER. It was really nice for a couple of days then BOOM. HEAT WAVE. It causes issues because I get back to my room and pass out because it's too hot to move.

I did lots of other things, but I honestly can't remember all of them, these are just highlights! Now I'm off to do some bio reading!

Peace out Niihka! Love and Honor to you all!


Monday, September 2, 2013

A Long Weekend...

 How is everyone? Labor day weekend is drawing to a close, and I FINALLY did some homework. Got my lab work that's due tomorrow all finished up and made headway in my classics reading.  There. The update for the benefit of my parents. I really don't know why I've been so busy. There is just always someone to hang out with, something to do. I'll try and list some highlights so I don't bore you...

1. Stayed up late talking to Bridgette about her new (and about time too...) love of Doctor Who. Twice. Until the early hours of the morning. I regret nothing.

2. Food. At. Our. Quad's. Buffet. It is so good.

Cute table. I have a magazine in it already
3. MY PARENTS GOT ME FOOD AND A RUG AND A CUTE LITTLE TABLE FROM AN ANTIQUE STORE WITH MAGAZINE RACKS I'M SO HAPPY. They came because I forgot a printer which is also greatly appreciated. It is beautiful, and I did a happy dance when I printed something out about a half an hour ago.

4. It is cooler in our room. I slept with sheets last night and had awesome dreams about tornados and mermaids.

5. Met some friends of Dilushka's (Rafael from Brazil and Val from Russia) and learned some awesome Portuguese words. All completely appropriate, of course.


(Some time later)

Sorry, Magda and I just got food and walked down the trail to the stables. I wanted to scope out the path I'm going to have to take for team tryouts tomorrow.  We'll see what happens!
You can see our new rug here and the printer in the background. I also have my riding stuff out, ready for tomorrow.
Diluska and Julio want me to come over and hang out, but I have a lot to do and know that if I leave I won't get as much done. So I said no. Look at me, being all responsible! (ehm, Mom....) So anyways, I said I couldn't come.... So they're coming over here..... hey! I'm making progress at least! Maybe I can convince the boys to read The Bacchae by Euripides aloud... now that would be entertaining!

I really do want to hear from you guys though! Leave a comment or something, I'd like to skype with you guys too so we need to set up a skype date ;)

Love and Honor niihka!!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Inaugural post

Convocation and Magda, my roomate!
Ridiculously long line for the equally ridiculous fire safety activty
Hey peoples. First week at Miami is about halfway through and I'm having a good time. Classes are relatively challenging, professors are cool, and people are awesome. I had several meetings these past few days, some necessary, some silly. Its blazing hot, which makes walking around to said meetings and classes a pain, but hopefully it'll cool down soon. I'm kicking myself over not having air conditioning... I'm not in my room a lot during the day though so it could be worse. Choir tryouts were today, and it went great! Scales went well, and I did the sight reading correctly the second time through! The director asked me if I sang soprano before (I had alto marked down) and when I told him that I've trained as a soprano he said he could tell. All good things! I've had many fun and interesting conversations with people, and have at least one buddy in every class except Latin 201... sigh. That class is at 8:30 AM too so it might take awhile for me to get more into it. There are only about 7 people in the class, which doesn't help. I've been invited by Annie to a reception with President Hodge tomorrow, and opened my mailbox for the first time to get said invitations! Met another Luxembourg native, as well as a veeeeeeery exercise-minded rugby player from Sri Lanka today at dinner. Erickson dining hall is BEAUTIFUL. It has so many choices AND salad AND DIFFERENT DESSERT EVERYDAY SO HELP ME.
Buff rugby man Dilushka and his roommate Julio (who likes Doctor Who and has the same posters as me, bless him)
Its in the neighboring hall and is my new favorite place to get dinner. I've been pretty much keeping up with homework, but I'll probably do some tonight while I wait for my laundry to finish. Or afterwards, as I type this I just got a message on my phone that said my laundry is almost done drying. So probably afterwards. Magda and I are doing laundry together to save money/water. We get along very well.
Our room yo. Big with cool windows and even cooler decorations. My bed is on the left.
She suggested we see the play in the park uptown and we had a wonderful time there last night. My butt got wet from sitting in the grass, and I laughed so hard I was out of breath. It was a very hilarious rendition of A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Cincinnati theatre company. Overall I'm having a good time! I feel better now that the choir tryout is over, but I'll feel even better once my riding tryout on Tuesday is over, and once I finish my presentation in Classics that is coming up very soon. I. Hate. Presentations. I f you know me you know that very well. I'll be so happy when that's over. For now however, I'm happy! Oh, laundry is finished! Thats my cue...

Love and Honor, niihka (friend in Myaamia language)

Dumb Kyle took this while I was talking