Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I am absolutely not getting a cold. The sneezing means nothing.

I'm feeling better about things. Not that I felt bad before, just rather... overwhelmed. I think it has something to do with not having people over every night this week. I love having people over, but its been making me... slack. I may actually be getting a cold, but we shan't speak of such things. You all know I never get sick... Anyways, it is rather amazing the amount of work you can get done when you're not socializing. Fancy that. This is really just a quick update, I want to do some bio reading before bed, and Magda and I are going to try and get up early enough to grab breakfast. We'll see how that goes. So here's a quick list of things I've done since last update:

1. Made the Equestrain team. Wooo!

2. Gone to a billion Equestrian meetings. Boooo.

3. Went to Mega Fair and signed up for several clubs

4. Decided that Pistol Club is definitely a club I will be pursuing.

5. Signed up for Quiddich, I'm going to a meeting tomorrow and open practice Thursday, they have the COOLEST jerseys I have ever seen in my life.

6. Signed up to volunteer and help the elderly paint. I mean, I served them food over the summer so it can't be too different, right? Haha

7. Did my Classics presentation. Already. I was the second to go. Other people get to go in several months. Argh. Oh well, I felt very very good about it, and it was the first presentation I actually have ever felt comfortable giving. Yay public speaking!

8. Did laundry. And cleaned my room. A billion times. And it still looks messy! Ahhh!

9. Taken up jogging again. It's really going to be an as-time-permits kinda thing. Right now that means I jog at 10 pm. Which is actually nice for me.

10. DIED OF HEAT STROKE. OVER AND OVER. It was really nice for a couple of days then BOOM. HEAT WAVE. It causes issues because I get back to my room and pass out because it's too hot to move.

I did lots of other things, but I honestly can't remember all of them, these are just highlights! Now I'm off to do some bio reading!

Peace out Niihka! Love and Honor to you all!


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